Expert Internet Marketer Reveals...

"How to Protect Your Business
From The Recent Internet Marketing Chaos And Survive
Web 2.0"

FACT: In the next two years, 97% of the marketers will either go out of business or go back to their old jobs. Since Web 2.0 is causing another DotCom bubble, every marketer who is not prepared, will be forced to go back to their day job.

Dr. Tony S. Brown & Henry Gold
Northern Massachusetts
Friday, 6:57 AM

It's scary.

Internet business is dying.

Web 2.0 is dominating the way you do business.

A lot of the marketers that I knew three years ago are now long gone.

The marketers who survived are asking me or my friends for help and direction.

Email marketing has become less effective.

Joint Ventures have become less effective.

Affiliate marketing has become less effective.

Viral marketing has become less effective.

All the powerful traffic generation systems that were the pride of many marketers are completely paralyzed.

I know this is very painful.

I know this has hurt many marketers, including 2,000+ of my alliances who use to be proud about their techniques, all of sudden, they are simply out of cash flow, out of hope, and out of plans for the future.

This is really mind boggling.

This has created a lot of frustration among many marketers.

This is also the reasons why many marketers will end up going back to their dead-end JOBS within the next two years.

How can I change this Pattern, Henry?

How can I make sure my business will survive the Internet marketing bubble?

Here is the truth...

Your key in here is to differentiate yourself from other marketers.

Your key in here is to make sure that your list will start to respond to you again.
Your key in here is to make sure that you change your pattern from what other marketers have done in their businesses to create this bubble.

However, you must be very quick.

You must do it very precisely in the next few months. As Internet marketing is reaching chaos, your ONLY way to survive is to know the underground secret.

The secret that I have never revealed to the public in the past two years.


Look. I have foreseen the bubble in this industry, long before any other marketer did.

If you read's Package Vol.I, I predicted that XML (Blogging) will be the way of the future.

If you read's Package Vol.II, I predicted that systemization will be the way of the future.

If you read TheCopywritingSecret's Home-Study Course, I predicted that Joint Ventures will be DEAD in the next two years.

How did I know that?

I followed the trends. I established my business to ensure that every single step we take will avoid the chaos in the Internet marketing.

This is why you see my business up and running.

This is why you see my business growing, while other well-known marketers close down their doors.

This is why you will see my business expand to Canada and Singapore in the year 2007, while many other marketers will barely survive.

It is all about Precision, Understanding, and Action.

This is exactly how I built my business.

This is exactly how I built my empire from a small potato to six figure income in less than one year.

This is exactly why my business can sustain the turbulence in Internet marketing.

This is exactly how many of my clients have become successful online.

This is exactly how you can utilize it for your online benefit.

This is exactly how you are able to escape the chaos, while every marketer who does NOT understand the underground secret will go out of business.

Now, let me ask you this....

What is so important about the underground secret?

How can you use it to answer your online pains?

The underground secret is NOT just regular "How-to" information.

In fact, it is NOT even close to that. This information is highly crucial. I even have all my apprentices use this sensitive information, as momentum for them to build their businesses.

In fact, all of them have told me that it is a bargain compared to the $5,000 they paid to join my apprentice program. (Yes! Not $500, but $5,000.00)

They all agree that...
  • They do NOT need to ask other marketers to Joint Venture with them.

  • They do NOT need to abuse their lists in order to make money online.

  • They do NOT need to know the complicated algorithm on Search engine optimization. (Who cares, anyway!)

  • They do NOT need to know the rules of Pay Per Click. (I asked them to drop it completely!)

  • They do NOT need to have a lot of money in their bank account to get started. (You can even start with little as $100)

  • They do NOT need to worry about the chaos of the industry they are trying to tap into. (You'll even receive the flow chart our company that we used to build our business to seven figure income online.)

  • They do NOT even need their products ever. (We'll show you how to even get your products in just five minutes).

  • Too much to list!
In addition, in this underground secret package, I also reveal the information of what has gone wrong in the Internet marketing industry, and what you should do NOW to avoid the chaos.

In fact, as soon as you listen to one of the secrets we reveal, you will feel exactly what some of these people felt when they listened...

"Thank you, very much, Henry. I was amazed at the amount of information you shared on this package. I was shocked at the inside secrets you shared. You gave practical, inside information, about marketing, doing joint ventures, and your own success. You lived up to your name: the information was a pure Gold."
Albert Grande

"The information that Henry Gold dishes out is always high quality, top notch, insider key info that I have to get my hands on. No exceptions to this fact.
If you want to stay on top of what is working and will continue to work, then you need to listen to what Henry Gold has to say."
Sherif Osman
Sherif Osman Business Software, Inc.

I am not giving you these examples to brag to you. Seriously, if you seen me in person, I am a very humble guy.

In fact, many of my friends don't even know that I am an Internet entrepreneur who is earning a six figure income every year. They just know that I like to hang out and treat them on many occasions.

I only give you these two examples because I want you to know that there are no-holds-barred information with this underground secret package.

In fact, you will even think that Henry Gold is INSANE for giving away such powerful information inside this powerful package.

"Why Do I Want to Give Away
This Underground Secret Now?"

My intention is very simple.

I foresee that 97% of marketers will go bankrupt next year.

I also foresee that there is an action of marketers who are trying to grab the whole Internet Marketing industry by grouping into a small alliances and killing every other marketers' businesses.

I am NOT going to name who they are.

However, their acts are the reason the whole Internet Marketing is suffering tremendously. In other words, if you don't change your patterns right now, your business will go down in the year 2007.

In other words, I want to create the balance.

I want to make sure that 97% of the marketers will NOT vanish.

I want to make sure that the whole market shares are NOT being owned by the small groups of sharks who are trying to grab the whole Internet marketing industry by STORM.

This balance is very important for me. In fact, it is much more important than my already successful niche businesses.

It has something to do with my prophecy.

If you have read's Package Vol.II, I mentioned that I would like to create 1,000,000 millionaires by the time I reach eternity. (I am very serious!)

If I anticipate 97% of the marketers go down, while I let a group of sharks keep laughing at other's bitterness, I must spread the underground secret right now that I have been holding onto the last two years.

This is the reason why I decided to reveal this sensitive information inside this package right now.

The information that I was only letting my apprentices use in their businesses.

I am NOT joking. In fact, it is so sensitive that I kept thinking THREE TIMES whether I should really share with you this powerful secret or not.

However, my intuition keeps playing around in my head and says, "C'mon Henry, Please don't be selfish..."

She (My intuition) keeps reminding me of the prophecy that I have declared since the first time I got into business. She has reminded me the words that I wrote inside the's Package Vol. II, where I promised to myself I would help 1,000,000 people to become millionaires in my lifetime.

As it keeps getting stronger and stronger, I have decided to show you the exact blueprint that I only share within my company and apprentices. They even have to sign a Non-disclosure agreement (NDA). It's that secretive.

Today, I am making an exception for you...

You do not need to sign an NDA.

You do not need to pay $5,000 for the apprentice program.

You do not need to pay me $2,000 per hour for my consultation just to learn how the secret works.

All I need from you is a promise...

"What kind of promise?"

You MUST utilize the underground secret that I am giving it to you to the fullest extent. Don't just simply learn and put it aside.

In other words...

If you utilize the information inside this package, it is to your advantage, as you can know the exact direction you should take your business.

If you don't utilize the information inside the package, you really need to worry about it, as the aggressive sharks will continue to quietly take over your "Bread & Butter" without you knowing it .

Make your promise now?

Okay, that's great!


"Henry Gold's Underground Secret
Mastermind Package"

"You are CRAZY to share this information with others, I wish you can just keep the underground secret among all the top marketers" - Jason Cooper

What am I going to receive?

As you can see above, Henry Gold's underground secret package is complete with a meaty course, flow charts, and the inside secrets Henry Gold has been holding onto for the last two years. Here is a quick breakdown of everything you'll receive:

Master Mind Secret Vol. I - This Master Mind Secret explains in detail the reason why 99.99% of the marketers in the world will FAIL in the next two years. And, what you should do know to avoid the chaos that coming towards you.
Master Mind Secret Vol. II - In this package, you'll see the right way to network with top marketers, drive consistent traffic month after month. You do NOT even need to know SEO, PPC, or affiliate program.
Email Marketing Secret - This is a intensive grilling session on email marketing, and the techniques Henry Gold used to boost an extra $13,600 in revenue (two emails) with his underground secret.
The Chaos Inside The Web 2.0 - This is sizzling. When two well-known marketers debate about the right way to build a successful business, you must listen. (HINT: You'll learn the exact strategy Henry Gold will use to receive more than 1,000,000 members on
Master Mind Flow Chart - We call these flow charts, the "Bible" of Internet Marketing. -- They explain exactly how to monetize from your business the correct way. WARNING: 99.99% of the marketers will always do it the wrong way. Use these powerful flowcharts and you'll CRUSH your competitors every single time.

No sugar coating. No holds-barred. It is this sensitive secret Henry Gold has been consistently using to build his Internet empire.

With the Mastermind Package Part One, you will learn the best fundamental technique to build the right business. This will also include the step-by-step directions you should use to take your business to the next level. This is the reason why we would like to share with you...

Exclusive Package #1:
"Henry Gold's Underground Secret
Mastermind Part One"

($297 Value)

  • "What are the important steps you should do NOW to make your subscribers respond to you again?" -- 97% of the marketers have seen a drop in the numbers of clicks from their lists. Use this insider secret rule to make your subscribers want to know you, and even gain back the LOST trust they have in your business.

  • "Why 99.99% of the marketers do NOT understand the difference between a sales letter and a website?" -- This is one of the major factors contributing to why marketers FAIL online. They thought that their businesses were a ONE PAGE long letter. Find out what you should do differently now.

  • "The advancement of the Money Flow Chart" -- FACT: 99.99% of the marketers in the world do NOT understand how the money flow chart really works. I will show you how you can apply the money flow chart in every single aspect of your business.

  • One dirty secret top marketers are using to sabotage your list. -- What you should do NOW to protect your business before it is too late. The Internet marketing bubble is two months away. Will your business SUSTAIN the turbulence in the industry?

  • Are you working on three different projects? If your answer is YES, you are in serious trouble. Many medium marketers think that they can quit their jobs by focusing on three different projects at the same time, find out what you should do differently to AVOID this chaos.

  • How to create a regeneration traffic system in your business? You don't need to know viral marketing. You don't need to know SEO, PPC, or even email marketing. However, if you follow this strategy very closely, you can easily take your business to the next level, regardless of the turbulence in the Internet marketing industry.

  • How to create the vision of your company, and why you should do it NOW to protect the next cycle of the Internet Marketing bubble. -- I was SHOCKED when I heard from many of my alliances that their websites are designed ONLY to build a huge list.

  • And much, much more.
This way, as soon as you finish learning all the strategies we have revealed to you in this mastermind program, you can apply the secret strategies I share with you almost immediately.

This is the result you will get out of this package.

This is the result you can apply to your business immediately.

This is the result I want to see in your business, and I mean it.

Once you know how to build your business correctly, your next step would be to know types of marketers you should network with, and how to approach them.

This is extremely crucial.

Every successful marketer knows that to become successful, you will need Special Knowledge and a Powerful Network.

If you have a special knowledge, your business will survive.

If you have a powerful network, your business will prosper.

This is the reason why joint venture techniques are dying.

Well-known marketers are NO longer looking to make an extra $1,000 or $2,000. They are looking for long-term residual income.

They are looking to make an extra $5,000 per month from their traffic.

They are looking to grow their businesses along the way with their strategic alliances.

Can you be one of their strategic alliances?

Can you be one of the marketers who will enjoy long-term monthly residual income?


BUT... Henry, I don't know how to bring in traffic.

It is very simple.

You don't need to know Search engine optimization.

You don't need to know pay per click.

You don't need to know affiliate marketing.

You don't need to know viral marketing. (The system I am about to show you will regenerate the traffic on its own)

You don't need to know email marketing.

In fact, when I show you how regeneration works, you will laugh at how easy it is to bring in traffic to your site month after month, just like every other client that I have consulted. In addition, you will also be able to earn monthly residual income with NO extra effort after you use this proven and tested system.

This is exactly how I raised myself to the top undetected.

This is exactly how I was able to come up with many successful projects in the last three years online.

This is why I would like to give you the second most powerful tools you can use for your business...

Exclusive Package #2:
"Henry Gold's Underground Secret
MasterMind Part Two"

($297 Value)

You will learn strategies from networking with top marketers, drive consistent traffic month after month, earning monthly residual income. This will also include sensitive information such as:
  • "Why Joint Venture, Affiliate Contest, Email Marketing are dead?" -- What you should do NOW to consistently drive traffic to your site month after month, even though the Internet marketing bubble is around the corner.

  • "What is the secret strategy you must use to network with well-known marketers?" -- These are the key techniques I have personally used to make top marketers know who I am, and say "YES" to forming strategic alliances within my business.

  • The 1,2,3 formula you must follow for tapping into any virtual real estate to promote your product lines. -- These are the exact strategies you must tap into right away, if you would like to take your business to the next level.

  • "The advancement of Henry Gold's three Perceived Value formulas on getting any top marketer to Joint Venture with you" (Hint: This is the advanced technique on how you are able to receive hundreds of JV partners in 10 days)

  • "How to build a responsive list by giving away 100% of the commission to your JV partners?" (Note: Henry Gold used this secret to make himself an extra $50,000 in sales in 30 days)

  • "What are the turbo charged techniques you must possess to grow your network, as well as raising your business to the top." -- This is the underground formula you must use to develop a powerful secret weapon for your business.

  • And much, much more.

Once you know the strategy how to build your list using the method you have learned from Mastermind Vol.I and Vol.II, your next step would be to learn the exact step how to monetize from your list.

This is the reason why we would like to share with the "Email Marketing Secret", where two master marketers share their secrets on monetize from their lists every single time.

In fact, Henry Gold coincidentally mentions his strategy on generating close to $13,600 in sales with two emails. This strategy is so powerful that Henry Gold was even wanting to remove it before, sharing it with you.

However, since Henry's intention is always about your success, you are able to "Copy-N-Paste" his strategy and start monetizing from your list right away. All of these techniques are covered on...

Exclusive Package #3:
"Henry Gold's Email Marketing Secret"

($197 Value)

Email Marketing is often neglected by many marketers as they think it is an old strategy to make money online.

However, the truth about email marketing is that it is far from dying. Many marketers including myself, have been using email marketing heavily to make an easy five-figure income every single month. This is why you will learn sensitive information such as:
  • The "Underground Secret" you must use to consistently receive the highest response from your subscriber base. (If you deny this law of Email Marketing, regardless of how many subscribers you have, you will not be able to make money online).

  • One "Slick Trick" marketer got Alan Bectold to spend over $3,000 in the last six months to buy his products. (In fact, if you added this formula in your auto-pilot system, you are able to get as many subscribers as possible to pay you $3,000 each).

  • Use the golden "Secret Tactics" to profit from your subscribers every single month. (This is one of the biggest strategies Henry Gold used to create an instant $13,600 per month income JUST from sending email).

  • One "Brutal" mistake you should NEVER make when using an email marketing campaign. (It will suck dry your profit and lower the responsiveness of your email campaign by more than 75% instantly).

  • And much, much more.
Once you have master the step-by-step guide on how to turbo-charge your email marketing, your next step is...

Learn from the two well-known marketers, where they debate (You can hear the heat on the mastermind session) the right way to generate 1,000,000 members for on this new web 2.0 dimension.

Web 2.0 is the way of the future.

Since we are one of the first creators who pioneered the idea of viral marketing and social networking, we know many of you will do it the wrong way.

(HINT: We have even seen the copycat version of Web 2.0 website, which start closing down the first few months they launched their websites.)

How is that possible?

They have done it wrong and will continue to create the chaos among the web 2.0 website. This is why Henry Gold and Gina Gaudio-Graves want you to avoid the second biggest turbulence within your business.

In fact, some of our apprentices have told us to keep our mouth shut for at least three years.

However... Due to the rapid urgency forcing your way, we want you to tap into this "Area 51 of The Internet marketing" right now.

This way, when the web 2.0 is reaching its chaos in the next few years, you can simply buy out all your competitors' businesses immediately.

I know it sounds very scary.

However, you only have "TWO" choices on Internet business:
  1. Your business will go forward and survive the Internet turbulence.
  2. Your business will be bought and close down in the next two years.
Since you are being forced to make those two choices, there is NO reason at all for us not to share with you this powerful information. This is the reason we would like to share with you...

Exclusive Package #4:
"The Chaos Inside The Web 2.0"

($297 Value)

  • The "Web 2.0" syndrome in the mind of every newbie or advanced marketer, and what you should do NOW to change that mindset. (NOTE: 98% of the population has the wrong ideas about the Web 2.0 revolution. If you are NOT careful, you are 100% GUARANTEED to close down your business in less than 2 years.)

  • Why creating another web 2.0 business, like MySpace(tm) and YouTube(tm), will actually DESTROY your chance for survival, instead of helping you retire from your online business? -- HINT: This is the most COSTLY mistake any Internet business owner experiences when they focus on the next big thing.

  • Why selling advertising space on your website is NOT the solution to making long-term profits? -- WARNING: The Web 2.0 CHAOS will make the advertising spots WORTHLESS. Make sure you listen to this closed-door Interview to AVOID these deadly mistakes

  • Why you do NOT need to become an expert on PPC, SEO, or Joint Ventures in order to send a stampede of traffic to your site every single day. -- Learn Henry Gold's step-by-step system to creating a consistent, YET powerful traffic generation system for your business.

  • What is the BRUTAL MISTAKE every business owner makes in sending traffic to their site? -- NOTE: Find out exactly what Henry Gold does to generate 250% more PROFITS by changing the way he monetizes his traffic. It is so simple that all his allies laugh all the way to their bank accounts.

  • One "slick" strategy Henry Gold reveals on how everyone could use the Web 2.0 to generate $250,000 per month -- This is one of the biggest secrets Henry Gold will use on Best of all, you can do the same.

  • And much, much more.
Once you have learned how to avoid the bubble on the web 2.0 that is raising toward you, your next step will be...

To use these flow charts (We called it the "bible") to set-up your business the right way. I don't care whether you call it web 1.0, Web 2.0, or even Web 3.0, if you do NOT use the flow charts carefully, your business is destined for failure.

With this reason, you are also going to receive...

Exclusive Package #5:
"Henry Gold's Secret MasterMind
Flow Charts And WorkGuide"

($197 Value)

  • The "Money Flow Chart" -- Before you start testing a new marketing strategy, you need to make sure that you utilize the power of the money flow chart to see whether your strategy makes sense or not. If it makes sense, go for it. If "NOT", don't waste your time. It is that simple.

  • The "Website Powerful Chart" -- This is the "bible" of all flow charts we have in our business. Owning this chart is similar to owning a complete traffic generation system for your business. This chart is also what many of Henry Gold's clients use to generate $30,000 - $50,000 per month in revenue on their businesses, without even using Pay per click (PPC), Search Engine Optimization, or even Joint Venturing with others.

  • The "endorsement" email format Henry Gold used to make his Joint Venture partners received between a 4% - 10.5% sales ratio. Proof (Hint: This is the email format that all Henry Gold's Joint Venture partners used to wait impatiently for the payout date of their affiliate commissions.)

  • The "follow-up" and "Last Chance" email format Henry Gold used to allow his Joint Venture partners to drastically increase their results by more than 217% in extra income. (NOTE: Give those two letters to your Joint Venture partners and see how they are going to love you like their sweetheart.)

  • The "Joint Venture" email format Henry Gold used all the time to cash in big online. -- If you're dead broke, you could use this strategy to literally beg every Joint Venture partner to say "YES" to selling your product. (Hint: This email format is what Henry Gold used to receive 837 Joint Venture partners in 10 days flat with's campaign.)

  • The thrilling 6 step plan you could use to approach any marketer to Joint Venture with you. (This is the one single technique I am always tight-lipped about all the time, as I have been using it quietly to attract many marketers who want Joint venture with me).

  • And much, much more.

Once you have learned the right way to build your business, you are already on your way to take your business beyond the web 2.0. In fact, you can even do it right away. This way, your success is just a matter of knowing the underground secret or not.

For those of you who are more into reading, instead of listening to the audio conversation, we have already had them transcribed for you. This way, you can simply print them out and read them word for word.

"Henry, Why Are You Offering
This For So Cheap?"

Let's be honest. I am giving you such a great deal for purely selfish motives, but I know you don't mind.

I am taking a big risk here to tell you the secret that I use to build my business, where I could just be another shark. So why should I put my neck out there?

Well, a few reasons ...

1. I want you to become one of our strong strategic alliances.

In the last few months, my teams have been working very hard to find strong strategic alliances.

However, most of them are either weak or not capable enough to produce significant amounts of traffic to our site.

By giving you the guidance through this underground secret, I am able to pick and choose the right alliances, where you are able to receive 5,000 unique visitors or more to your website every single month.

In addition, we are also going to help your sales conversion to make sure your website will convert at least THREE TIMES better than your current sales conversion.


When we continue to see the strength on our strategic alliances, we will also arrange to send traffic to your website via, where we anticipate to receive between 50,000 - 100,000 subscribers every single month.

Why do you want to do this, Henry?

I am in the process of forming strategic alliances with other marketers. In other words, I am always looking for marketers with passion to work together with me on taking our business to the next level in the years to come.

2. I am tired of million dollar ideas.

In the last few months, the vision of my company has shifted from $1,000,000 business to $1,000,000,000 (Yes! $1 Billion).

This is because by the end of this year, my Internet business will reach $1,700,000 in sales. It also means I won't compete with you to earn $1,000 or $5,000 per month.

I have given many million dollar ideas to my colleagues and friends, where they can use it right away.

There is no exception on this underground package.

You are basically learning those secrets that I used to use to build $10,000 - $50,000 per month.

See what I am really up to?

You probably won't know precisely how this package will benefit you, but we are very confident your head will be spinning full of ideas, in which you will think I am crazy to give away so much information on the mastermind package.

3. We are pretty sure you will be delighted.

Ok, here's our real "Tight-lipped" reason for doing this.

Let's try to be honest in here.

If I said to you that I really care about you so much, do you really believe it?

Well, most of you say "NO" for sure. -:)

However, if I tell you the truth that I want you to come back for more, will you do it?

Well, it depends on how this package will help you, right?


You see, we're dead serious about giving you the highest value on every thing we give away.

This is because we know that we want you to keep coming back for more from us.

It's that simple.

We've addressed this enough:

A. We're Over-delivering Like Crazy.

B. We are giving you all these raw techniques that other marketers won't dare to share with you.

C. We want you to come back for more new raw techniques to build a million dollar business in the future.

This is how we do it in business. This is exactly what I want you to feel when you learn those strategies that we have provided to you on this powerful package.

PLUS.... You'll Also Receive 75% Commission
For Selling

Is Henry Gold really insane? NO!

You see, I would like you to have not only those packages that I mentioned above, at a bargain price, but also your right to resell our packages to others.

"Sell Just Two Packages And You Get Your Money Back,
Plus $40.49 Extra Income"

So, it's as easy as:

You get Henry Gold's Underground Secret MasterMind Package
You get $68.75 per affiliate sale
You get an instant site such as this one
You get all the marketing tools* to promote our product
You recover your money by selling two packages, plus $40.49 extra profit.

* Marketing tools that we provide are Email Messages to your subscriber lists, Signature Files, and more.

We do all the dirty work for you, such as:

We give your clients the support they need
We provide all your clients with the download area
We answer all their email inquiries, etc.
We make sure all download links work properly
We make sure all your customers are happy with the package they buy (They will anyway!)

"Turn 10 Minutes Of Your Lunch Time Into
An Incredible Income"

# of Sales/day Weekly Revenue Annual Revenue
1   $481.25    $25,025.00
3 $1,443.75    $75,075.00
5 $2,406.25 $125,125.00
7 $3,368.75 $175,175.00

Keep in mind that these are your potential earnings for referring others on a weekly basis. Imagine what?s possible when you get these minimal numbers week after week!

Do you see the potential here?
How much money you can earn by joining us today?

Are you ready to grab your package?

Wait! Here Are Something More...

As I want you to start focusing on building your business the right way, I would like you to own the software applications that I have personally used on my business on a day-to-day basis.

This way, you can fight like the gorilla to face the turbulence coming our way in the year 2007.

If you are the first 100 78 people who reserve your seat today, not only you will receive what I have mentioned above, but you will also receive "5 Exclusive Bonus Packages" worth $4,997, which include:

Exclusive Bonuses #1:

My WebSpy By: Henry Gold
(Value: $897)

My Webspy is the software that I used to spy on my competitors. It will alert you whenever any web page or blog is changed/updated. It will auto-check all your favorite web pages and blogs 24x7.

This is the most powerful software that I have ever used to keep my eyes very closely on what my competitors are up to.

(HINT: This is also one of the biggest reasons I could see through the next trends of the Internet marketing without any second guess.)

Here Are Some Features You Will Receive when Utilizing My WebSpy...

  • Monitor as many web pages, blogs, news sites, forums, etc. as you like. My WebSpy will auto-crawl them all on a regular basis and alert/notify you of any changes/updates.

  • Web page changes, updates and modifications are highlighted in yellow. Don't waste your time comparing old and new web pages, trying to figure out what was changed or updated. Removed content is highlighted in red.

  • Schedule My WebSpy's monitoring/crawling activity. In other words, you decide how often you want My WebSpy to check any web page; every minute, every hour, every day, every week, etc. It's up to you.

  • Manual, on-demand checking of one or more web pages.

  • Sort your list of 'monitored' web pages based on Name, URL, Last Check Time, Next Check Time, Number of Crawled Pages.

  • Sort the list of web pages that have been 'modified' based on Name, URL, Modification Time, Number of Changes.

  • And Much, More.
System Requirements:
  1. Microsoft Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000 or XP.
  2. Minimum 64 MB RAM.
  3. Internet access.
  4. 2 MB Hard Disk space for the program itself (and enough free space for monitored sites files).
  5. PC to run it.

Exclusive Bonuses #2:

VIP Desk By: Henry Gold
(Value: $1,397)

The VIP Desk is the web-based help, support & service desk for your site visitors, prospects & customers!

This is also the software that I have continuously used on many of my niche websites to reduce 95% of the workloads, while cutting down the amount of employees to support my customers.

In addition, the VIP Desk will also come with the knowledge base feature, where it allows your customers to find the answer they need without needing support from you.

Here Are Some Features You Will Receive when Utilizing VIP Desk...

  • Add, Edit, Delete Departments. You can have a 'department' for each one of your products. You can have unlimited departments!

  • Add, Edit, Delete Operators for any Department(s). You can assign operators to departments. Each operator can only handle the Tickets under the department(s) assigned to him. You can have unlimited operators.

  • Add, Edit/Delete Knowledgebase, where important issues can be listed for users to refer to. The Knowledgebase has multi-keywords search capability.

  • Add, Edit, Delete Announcements for users to read. e.g. Keep your customers up-to-date on your latest website/product(s) news!

  • Add, Edit, Delete Downloads. Forget about emailing individual people big-sized help files, PDF files, manuals, guides, etc. (which might not even reach your customers due to email filters). Provide all your downloads in VIP Desk where they'll be instantly available 24x7 to whomever wants them!

  • See open and closed tickets. Of course, Admin can reply to any ticket(s) in any department.

  • Edit autoresponder emails content (which VIP Desk sends upon sign up, upon reply to ticket, etc.) Admin can edit emails sent to users, operators.

  • Mail is sent to user after admin replies to the ticket.

  • Reopen/close tickets.

  • And Much, More.

Exclusive Bonuses #3:

Pop-In Generator By: Henry Gold
(Value: $897)

Pop-In Generators allow you to capture your visitors information without the need to worry about being blocked by pop-up blockers.

In addition, we have also designed the pop-up in many different attractive shapes, where it will help you to increase a higher sign-up rate for your database.

Here Are Some Features You Will Receive when Utilizing Pop-In Generator...

  • Setting delay time for Pop-In window before it appears.

  • Duration/speed of the "Content Entrance" effect.

  • If a Pop-In is located in the middle of a page and a person starts reading from the top, the Pop-In will not open until the person scrolls down to it/reaches it.

  • Change the contrast and brightness of any background/base image in order to make sure your text/content is readable.

  • Choose the Pop-In window size, position and padding.

  • Choose Pop-In border style and color, and Pop-In background color.

  • Choose the Pop-In background.

  • And Much, More.

Exclusive Bonuses #4:

VIP Cart By: Henry Gold
(Value: $1,297)

The VIP Cart is the shopping cart system that allows you to sell multiple products, receive payments, and organize customer information.

In addition, it is being designed to be very search engine friendly, where the spyder can easily pick up the content to list it on the search engine. This is very crucial, especially if you are selling multiple listings for your product lines.

Here Are Some Features You Will Receive when Utilizing VIP Cart...

  • 100% template-based storefront.

  • Built-in WYSIWYG HTML editor (webmaster/Admin mode)

  • Customers can view their personal order history

  • Customizable auto-generated e-mail notifications/invoices . Also, these templates can even be changed

  • Newsletter management that can be sent to many or all the customers

  • Edit/delete product options in cart/wish list. Even the quantity can be changed for the product in the cart.

  • Unlimited number of products and categories.

  • Configurable search by title, description, category, price and weight

  • Unlimited number of custom-defined delivery methods, including domestic and International shipping.

  • Payment Gateways/Methods & Authorized Resellers, including:, E-Gold, Paypal, and stormpay, 2checkout, and more.

  • Pages can be indexed by all major search engines

  • Too much too list!

Exclusive Bonuses #5:

Easy Poll Creator By: Henry Gold
(Value: $697)

Easy Poll Creator is the most important tool you need to have to understand what your customer really want from your business.

In fact, I have mentioned to many of my clients that if they don't know what their customers want from them, there is NO way they can survive online.

NOTE: Use this tool to find out what your customer really wants, you will be SHOCKED on how many of them will tell you the truth.

Here Are Some Features You Will Receive when Utilizing Easy Poll Creator...

  • Create new polls and manage existing polls via a simple Poll Management Area.

  • Create text polls, image polls or text and image polls quickly and easily.

  • Create 3 Types of Polls: Single answer radio buttons, multiple answer check boxes and drop-down menus.

  • Fully Customize and format your polls: Colors, fonts, sizes, borders, paragraphs; everything!

  • Select any of the built-in themes. Use as is, or modify to your liking.

  • Brand your poll by adding your logo/company name to poll headers and footers. You can even link your logo to your website URL.

  • Set a limit on the number of votes per poll, and receive email notifications when the limit is reached.

  • Control how poll results are displayed. Poll results could be automatically displayed to voters without the need to refresh the web page. Only the poll area would refresh; dynamic interface.

  • Redirect voters to any link/web page you want after they vote. This feature is very powerful. You could direct them to your other websites, to an affiliate product site (with your affiliate link), etc.

  • Control how poll results are displayed. Poll results could be automatically displayed to voters without the need to refresh the web page. Only the poll area would refresh; dynamic interface.

  • View summary table of poll results (choice, number of votes, percentage).

  • Download your poll results in CSV format.

  • And Much, much more.

Let's Summarize What You Get...

Reserve The Underground Secret MasterMind Package at the bottom of this page.

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I'll also email you the following Additional bonuses...

My WebSpy
(Spy your Competitors)
VIP Desk
(Support your customers)
Pop-In Generator
(Increase your opt-in)
VIP Chart
(Accepting payment online)
Easy Poll Creator
(Find out what your customer wants)

Total Value: U$ 5,185.00

You get all of this for the low one-time market test
price of:

                                          $297.00 $67.00

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These days a measly 97 dollars is nothing. Even if you go out with a date for one day, you could easily spend $100 without even realizing it. You may remember way back when a luncheon special cost a $1, but those days are over gramps.

Let's Take a Look At How Little $97 is...

Let's compare what $97 means to you when you take your date to your house for the cheap dinner. Even last time, when one marketer treated me, it cost him $100 (For a three hour dinner).

Let's imagine that you've cleaned your room, living room. You borrowed your friends HDTV to impress your date. You researched hard for the cheapest take out Chinese food in your town.

What will it really cost you to spend a nice four hours with a beautiful girl?

Let's Compare MasterMind Package to Your Cheap Date Adventure
in New York City

With the gas prices spiking all the time. $5 in gas is not enough. You need at least 1/3 of the tank full to make sure your date can get back home. This way, you are not renting a $200 a night hotel in Time Square.

Geez. Finding a parking meter on the street. Your date will be very impatience. The best way is parking in the garage even though is costs you a fortune.

Exclusive 4 Stars Rating Dinner
Try to tell the girl that the vegetables is good for her health. Order more salads and big portion of clam chowder to make her full. A bottle of champagne.

Ice Cream
You are running out of cash. You want to impress your date by walking with her inside the mall. You bought an ice cream for her before she is starting to want a supper with you. Great Move.

A Rose
Your three hours parking space is almost over. You want to impress your date for a very last time. You bought a $2 rose from the convenient store and tell her how much you love her. Great Job!

Total Cost for the cheap date in NYC: U$ 109

Take a look at it this way, even a cheap date costs much more than this underground teleconference. Why not, use this opportunity to gain the knowledge Henry Gold has been hiding to help you prosper your business in the years to come.

Instead of just taking your date to your house, by learning these strategies that Henry Gold is about to reveal to you, you are able to take your date to a 5 star restaurant, without even worrying about your financial situation.

So, if you really aren't hurting for cash and those McDonald's Burgers mean so much to you, you should probably pass on this package.

But, really, who cares what we think, right?

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JV secrets, strategies, and mistakes.

This is solid knowledge that I am already beginning to successfully implement in my own business.
Thanks for the GREAT advice."
Mark Call

"Your information was like a light bulb going off in my head and instead of the wheels just spinning the cogs started
to mesh on how to put together a campaign that would build me a responsive list (I know, I know "the money is in the list"). Keep up the excellent work, looking forward to more of the them in the future."
Chris Layton, Australia

"I have gone through to many "how to" packages without getting anything of real value from them. However for the first time I really got great information I needed from your package. You gave out important tips on how to approach someone to do a joint venture which I haven't heard before. Thank you very much"
Rico Caveglia

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I understand that that this powerful package will only be $97, where Henry Gold will show me how to save my business from the turbulence of the Internet marketing.

I understand that if I have any questions on each module, I am able to ask Henry via chat log, where he will answer it LIVE on the call.

I understand that I will receive the recording on an mp3 file, where I can upload it to my Ipod (r) whenever I want to.

I understand that I will also receive the transcript of the package for my visual study.

"Henry Gold's Underground Secret MasterMind Package"
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